TRIGO - Double washbasin
Drain channel
Direct transition from drain channel into drain outlet
TRIGO - Single washbasin

December 2014 - TRIGO – the "particular" washbasin

News 12/2014

Apart of the clear design language, the most out-
standing feature of this model is the drain solution
in form of a drain channel.

Compared to similar models, their drain channel is
often set to the rear what makes the cleaning not
easy or even impossible and is often accompanied
by the disassembly of parts.

Unpleasant odours or even to the formation of germs
caused by stagnant water may be the result.

What makes TRIGO "particular": The drain channel
goes downwards. At first sight it is visually not visible,
but remains accessible at every time. That makes
cleaning very easy.

As well as on “standard basins” the drain channel
moves directly into the drain outlet where a standard
siphon can be connected (valve body is delivered with
the TRIGO washstand).

In addition to this functionality TRIGO offers maximum
It is cast in one to the required length. Double or even
multiple washstand rows are possible by seamless
gluing of single washstands. And the model is wheelchair

Just like all cast Varicor® models, also TRIGO meets
the requirements of the CE standard according to
DIN EN 14688.

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