Daily use

Prior to first use:

  • Clean the Varicor® surfaces with a conventional household soap solution.
  • You can easily remove stubborn dirt with a cleanser (e. g. Viss, Stahlfix) and a moist sponge cloth and very stubborn dirt with a Scotch Brite sponge.
  • Cleaning the surface regularly with a cleanser also prevents the formation of wear marks.

So you can rely on your Varicor® worktop for a long time, we recommend using a cutting board during use. That protects the worktop as well as the knife blade.

Scratch marks
Light scratch marks can be removed with abrasive powder and a wet Scotch Brite sponge. Deep scratch marks can be removed by using sandpaper, with a grain size of 240, 320, or 400.

Gloss level
If the surfaces were given a higher gloss by the technician, ask him what treatment he used to obtain the gloss level. Select the cleaner for care of the surface accordingly.

Thermal stress
Avoid direct contact of Varicor® with solid or liquid substances which are colder than - 20° C and hotter than + 90° C. Short-term exposure to heat will not impair the surface, however long-term exposure can lead to discolouration of the surface. It can be repaired, but it is annoying. Therefore always put hot objects like pots, baking trays and pans on coasters to dissipate the heat. Only use pots which do not protrude beyond the hob.