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The made-to-measure washstand range

VARICOR® - the innovative material with lots of benefits.
This is why it is ideally suited to a washstand range for
professional use.

VARICOR® satisfies not only the highest requirements
of durability and hygiene, this material also sets new
standards in design.

It does this whith its large variety of colours, but also
by the fact that you can arrange the basin and choose
storage surface lengths almost any way you want.

VARICOR®, the versatile material, is also pleasantly warm
to the touch, coloured right through, of high density, and
its image creates an original ambience.

VARICOR® not only satisfies requirements in quality and
exclusivity, it also provides a rich spectrum of design pos-
sibilities, machining methods, and uses: not only can it
be sawn, milled, drilled, ground, and cut into moulded
sections, it can also be joined almost invisibly with colour-
matching glue, leaving no gaps. It can even be warm-
worked into different shapes for three-dimensional design

In this section, you will find the different models, each with
detailled drawings. And also the AutoCAD data in .dwg for-
mate can be download here.