Material Properties

  • Waterproof, i.e. Varicor® cannot be damaged by moisture, mildew or rot. Liquids cannot penetrate it,swelling or corrosion due to steam or moisture is not possible.
  • Impact and shock resistant
  • Perfect for aesthetic-creative and sophisticated designs thanks to seamless and practically invisible gluing
  • Completely homogenous; a compact material which can be worked three dimensionally
  • Thermoformable
  • Non-porous, i.e. dirt repellent, stain resistant and hygienic, food safe
  • Resistant to household cleaners and disinfectants (caustic and acid solutions). They do not affect its properties or appearance.
  • Largely chemical resistant
  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Can be repaired with identically coloured repair material
  • Flame resistant, in accordance with conditions B1
  • Heat resistant (for a short time over 200°C)

A detailed overview regarding the technical specifications,
chemical resistance and the hygienic properties of Varicor®
can be found under the following link:

-> Varicor® - The properties