Varicor® is a polymer-bound solid surface material and is made up of a simple raw material formula: of the natural filler aluminium hydroxide and bound synthetic resins.

The resin components we use are suitable for implementing many different product solutions and requirements.

Varicor® is particularly suited for applications where hygiene and food compatibility are especially required.
Process know-how has been implemented in a sophisticated dosing and processing system for these two  basic materials. The material, which is initially fluid during production, can be formed into almost any shape and can be simply worked and processed after hardening.
Varicor® is available in a varied range of colours and decors. Special decors are also possible.
The standard range (sheeting in different sheet sizes and thicknesses, moulded parts such as sanitary and laboratory sinks, washbasins, sinks, tubes and rods) provides the basis for tailor-made fittings and product solutions in many different application areas.