Laboratory and healthcare

When it comes to hygiene, experiments are simply not advisable.

Hygiene is an absolute must wherever people's health is concerned. But that doesn't mean that laboratories, surgeries or hospitals have to look dull and sterile. After all, feeling comfortable is also a human need for employees as well as for patients.

With Varicor® hygiene and functionality requirements are met in an aesthetically pleasing and extremely safe manner.

Because the attractive Varicor® inset bowls are naturally field-tested and especially designed for laboratory and medical applications. Furthermore, they can be integrated seamlessly into Varicor® worktops. That makes cleaning work much easier and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Due to its warm, hygienic surface Varicor® is also ideally suited for applications with direct skin contact as e.g. in baby care. Even in such sensitive areas, you can completely rely on Varicor®.