Space-saving kitchen design with Varicor®
Countertop made of Varicor® with seamlessly glued back splash a clean solution.
Fine cuisine requires fine ingredients; Varicor® kitchen countertop realised by Ebke-Küchen


Fine cuisine requires fine ingredients.

Cooking your own food has almost achieved cult status nowadays. And anyone who loves to cook attaches great importance to subtle details. Stylish kitchen furnishings come first here, because a creative meal needs the right inspiration. Varicor® creates a tasteful atmosphere in any kitchen. The countertops and built-in sinks made of Varicor® not only look good but are also very practical and extremely hygienic. Because this nonporous, moisture resistant solid material can be glued seamlessly to create large areas ? even diagonally and vertically. And also sinks and bowls can be seamlessly fitted in Varicor® sheets. And dirt cannot hide where there are no seams. Furthermore, because Varicor® is food safe, it also ideally suited for use in professional large-scale catering establishments and canteens.